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Welcome to Ganapathy Industries:

Ganapathy Industries, based at Bangalore, India, Established in the year 1967 & we are one of the leading Manufacturers / distributors for Wide range of high quality Insulating materials.

Hostophan Bopet Film

Ganapathy Industries is a pioneer Manufacturer/Distributors in various kinds of insulation materials like Polyester Film, Kraft Paper, Fiber Glass Sleevings, Enamelled Copper Wires, Nomex, H Class & F Class Insulation Material and Dr.Beck Varnishes & Resins.

We have over 50 years of combined experience in the insulation distribution industry. Also, we have been very fortunate to have surrounded ourselves with some very experienced sales people.The company has a network of dealers across the globe and is also engaged in direct sale to the bulk consumers.

The company has a strong base in major industries and act as a gateway for suppliers in the Insulation Material market. These customers have been purchasing the goods from the Company for many consecutive years. In fact the company has a very high rate of retaining the clients over a period of time and the strike rate for inquiry converting into order is also very high.

Why Ganapathy Industries?
The prime emphasis is given to trust, mutual respect and transparency in our relationship with clients and special care is taken to deliver hassle-free and efficient service.

Some of our strengths that make us a reliable business partner to work with are:
A comprehensive solution to a insulation need
A comprehensive solution to a insulation need
Extensive  industry knowledge
Extensive industry knowledge
Wide  distribution network
Wide distribution network
Competitive  prices
Competitive prices
Transformer Insulation
Customer focused approach