Established in 1967, with Bangalore, India as the base, Ganapathy Industries is today one of the leading Manufacturers and distributors for wide range of high quality plastic film and Insulating material.

Ganapathy Industries is your one stop source for:

  • Polyester Film
  • Kraft Paper
  • Fiber Glass Sleevings
  • Enamelled Copper Wires
  • Nomex
  • H Class & F Class Insulation Material
  • Dr.Beck Varnishes & Resins.
Products: Ganapathy Industries

With over 50 years of combined experience in the insulation manufacturing and distribution industry, managed by experienced team of customer service personnel through a network of dealers across the country and worldwide - Ganapathy Industries ensures customers are served with utmost efficiency. Additionally, a dedicated team services bulk requirements at manufacturer direct pricing terms.

Employing the very latest manufacturing technology we make every effort to lead a change in the industry.

The company has a strong customer base in major industries and act as a gateway for suppliers in the insulation material market. All our customers are long standing with many years of transactional history. In fact the company has a very high rate of retaining the clients over a period of time and the success rate for and inquiry converting into an order is also exceptionally high due to our competitive pricing policy.

Why Ganapathy Industries?

Our primary emphasis in every transaction is trust, mutual respect and transparency in our relationship with a focus on hassle-free delivery and efficient service.

Some of our strengths that make us a reliable business partner to work with are:

  • Comprehensive solutions to insulation requirements
  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • Wide distribution network
  • Competitive prices
  • Customer focused approach
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